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Brent Kochuba


Brent Kochuba is the Founder of SpotGamma, a financial insights company, which applies its proprietary methodology toward modeling index and equity options and then provides unique content to its subscribers. SpotGamma has thousands of members and has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Markets. At SpotGamma, Brent oversees all of the product development and creative content.

Prior to SpotGamma, Brent was most recently a portfolio manager with Seven North Capital Management where he focused on creating options-based investment strategies. Prior to that, he spent time as a derivatives broker at Wolverine Execution, Credit Suisse and Bank of America. Brent now lives with his wife and children in Easton, Connecticut.  Brent holds a B.S. in Emerging Technologies from the University of Connecticut.

Matthew Fox Headshot

Matthew Fox

Co-Founder and CEO

Matthew Fox is a serial entrepreneur, having founded and led multiple companies across several verticals. Prior to SpotGamma, Matthew was in the healthcare field where he led Q-State Biosciences as CEO, launched a genetic research company, Pairnomix, LLC, and oversaw corporate strategy on the executive team at the pharmaceutical company Upsher-Smith. 

Earlier in his career, Matthew was a professional global healthcare investor in New York City, Washington DC, and most recently in Zurich, Switzerland at Bank am Bellevue. Matthew now lives with his wife and children in Edina, Minnesota, where he serves as Treasurer for the Edina School Board. Matthew holds a B.A. in Neuroscience and Behavior from Wesleyan University (CT). 

Demystify the options market and empower investors at all levels

I’ve been in options for two decades. Before managing my own portfolios, I was on Wall Street as an options and derivatives trader at big banks like Bank of America and Credit Suisse. 

While I loved learning from some of the best investors in the world, I knew over time I wanted to directly invest using my own options strategies. 

I got a step closer to that when I moved to a smaller family office. While I was developing new trading ideas, it was exciting to work directly under a seasoned portfolio manager. It felt like we were invincible as our fund took off to a great start. 

Then came August 2015...when markets took a major plunge. 

Like many other funds, our account took significant losses. I’ll never forget that feeling of total panic -- and never wanted to feel that again. In my gut, I knew there was a better way. 

So I went to work diving into the data. Almost immediately, it became clear that the options market was driving the stock market. In other words, if our fund had had better analytics and been paying more attention to the options market, we would have seen the plunge coming and we could have made moves to avoid a major hit.

For the next 3 years, I continued to build and tweak my models. Over and over again, this theory proved itself from that August 2015 plunge to smaller dips to the infamous Volmageddon Event in January 2018.

I was convinced that other traders could benefit from this type of analysis. In early 2020, I launched SpotGamma with the mission to make sure all investors have the ability to see what the professionals see.

After helping thousands of investors make sense of the options market, I eventually brought on my longtime friend and seasoned investment pro, Matt as CEO. Over the past few years, we have gone from providing analysis on the S&P 500 to covering all major US indices and more than 3,500 US stocks. Our analytics now include Dark Pool indicators, sophisticated stock scanners, personalized watchlists, volatility analysis and many more features. 

Moving forward, we will continue to grow our team and develop new tools, real time indicators, and an educational platform to responsibly empower our community to understand the power of options, and hopefully, avoid times of higher risk. 

Welcome to SpotGamma,

Brent Kochuba

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